Hot Spot on Holland Street…

‘Post Irving’- 4/114 Holland St, Fremantle.


IMG_6666 (1)






The only co-ordinates you need this week are… corner Holland & Onslow St, Fremantle. Tucked away amongst the cute little cottages and towering gums, and behind the hustle of Fremantle’s tourist centre, is a little pocket of coolness. Grab a coffee and some ‘too good to resist’ baclava from the ‘Cool Room’ cafe, drop the pooch off for spa treatment at the ‘Hairy Hound’, then take your time hunting for odd treasures in ‘Old Values’ or a quirky industrial piece from ‘Post Irving’. The perfect day out!!

‘Post Irving’ and ‘Old Values’ sit side-by-side, and although they compliment each other, they are at the same time polar opposites. They both share a love and appreciation for the unusual, the odd, the vintage and the collectable. Yet ‘Post Irving’ is as sparce and polished as ‘Old Values’ is cluttered and chaotic. The owner of ‘Post Irving’, Chrissy, loves this little hub ….”it has always been a very supportive, caring group and I am very grateful to be where I am.”

A visit to her shop is always a delight with the ever changing displays and ‘one off pieces’ that she sources from auction houses, fellow stylists, old production sets and her personal collection. She is also a keen supporter of local artists, with the works of Nina Juniper and James Crombie (as seen on Canary blog in June 2013) frequently on display.

Chrissy has a fascinating background in theatre set design and styling. Her years of sourcing props for television and theatre productions has given her the skills to spot a treasure the rest of us would unwittingly dismiss. As Chrissy says, “My only rule is that I have to like it!” Post Irving began 8 years ago, after being constantly asked if she would sell her many props, from her then workspace. The shop hours vary (usually Thurs to Sun 10-5pm), due to Chrissy’s commitment to film work, she is currently working on “Looking for Grace” set in Perth and the countryside. Her previous work has been on the set of “Drift”, “Cloud Street” and “Paper Planes”…you may just stumble across a vintage surf board ridden by Sam Worthington!!

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‘Old Values’ – 3/114 Holland St, Fremantle.






You might want a grab a coffee next door before you tackle ‘Old Values’. For lovers of treasure hunts and quirky collectables,  this is heaven…we often get lost in here for hours, as do many of Perth’s stylists. You need an eye for the unusual, and the ability to see an item in it’s own visual context. If you frequent Jeremy’s Butcher in Swanbourne then you will get my drift. Jeremy is a regular customer here, along with many cafe owners and architects, and his shop tells the story of his many successful forages through ‘Old Values’…stay tuned for his story next month! Paul started the business 15 years ago, and he and his business partner Barbara, spend half their time sourcing stock and the other half trying to find a place to display it. You can become easily distracted by a fabulous collection of vintage toy trucks, and not notice the beautiful oak trestle table they are sitting on, or the iconic ‘old school’ locker hiding behind the stack of vintage Sebel chairs. Paul tells me,…” the hottest pieces are the vintage Danish buffets, world globes and industrial lighting”. Bring a ute if you can, because you’ll be sure to drag some irresistible bargain home with you!

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Emma & Harry’s Place…


The front living room is the original part of the house. Green sofas are ‘Bedfords’ by Go-Go.


Birds-eye-view from void above the central living area. Leather sofas from Freedom, Yellow Wire chair a great find from ‘Old Values’ in East Freo, Zig Zag rug from Canary Home.

Bray x4a

Shipping signage artwork brings a pop of colour to the soaring white walls. A collection of Emma’s grandfathers photographs. Built in unit by Ben Savage from ‘Square Peg Home’. View from the central kitchen to the living and dining areas.


Black makes the perfect backdrop for block colours. Bedlinen by ‘Kip & Co’. The bedside tables, by British designer Nick Green, are actually filing cabinets.


The couple made a concerted effort to rescue many original features, like these beautiful double glass doors, leading though to the front living room.

It may be winter in Perth but this house is bursting with sunshine from every angle. Emma and Harry Bray have certainly ‘let the sun shine in’ with their new extension to this old Art Deco treasure. They share this fabulous space with their 3 boys Charlie (13), James (11), Hugo (8) and the ferocious guard dog ‘Daisy’ (she came around eventually?!). It’s not just the abundance of light, but their brave use of colour that gives this home so much life. You get a hint of what you are in for the minute you walk through the front door, and see the ‘sunflower yellow’ wall, framing the incredible floating staircase. That hint of sunshine seems to pop up everywhere, a lamp shade in the living room, a street sign in the kids room, a velvet cushion on the bed, a pendant light and vintage wire chair. Its a little thread of happiness weaving its way through a kaleidoscope of collected treasures and colours, that can’t be left behind.

The original home was purchased in 2009, and after living in it for 2 years they moved out to begin the building process. At first they planned to rebuild on the generous block, and even engaged an architect. However, as plans progressed and time went on they had a change of heart and decided to save the old home. “We saw it’s potential and there were original features of the house that we grew to love and couldn’t destroy…the limestone footing, the curves of the facade, the quirky sunroom…” their ideas evolved and the aim was now to preserve some of the 1940′s architecture…as Emma says, “in our opinion there is not enough of that in Perth, people are too quick to demolish”. What they now have is a perfectly balanced home with well proportioned spaces that flow effortlessly from one to the next.

IMG_8707 (2)

Bray x4g

Something a bit special about a dedicated entrance space with double doors! A collection of vintage apothecary jars. An atlas turned into a world globe. A vintage gramophone as a bedside table.


The exposed brick wall that was spared the plaster treatment, and the well-loved original kitchen cabinets make a perfect storage solution.

Bray x4d

All the beautiful curves of an art deco princess. The sunroom was out hands-down favourite with original Hans Wegner daybed from Square Peg.. The sunken pool surrounded by gums and norfolk pines. Outdoor teak setting ‘Picnix’ by Go-Go.


The weathered deck gives a softer edge to the modern extension. White chairs by Ikea. Floor cushions by Canary Home.

This home reflects the abundance of energy that these two have in their busy, crazy lives. They are currently in the midst of opening yet another hotspot in that fabulous precinct we all love…North Fremantle, with their business partners Hamish Fleming and Siobhan Blumann- the couple behind our all time favourites ‘Mrs Browns’ & ‘Flipside’. Don’t worry…Canary will bring you all the juicy details when it’s ready to go…HINT….the old Fremantle Town Hall will soon host two new swanky venues. Book the babysitters and taxis now…I say!

Aside from all that ‘cool new bar business’…Harry also has a well known furniture business in Perth, that sells replica mid-century pieces and new modern designs. ‘Go-Go Furniture’ was setup by Harry as a sideline to his Stainless Steel business but as Emma puts it,…”the beast has escaped it’s cage”. They now have 1000sqm of showroom in Osborn Park and a growing list of iconic designs like…the Wishbone chair, Tolix stool and Eames shell chair.

Their knowledge of classic design and love of colour is carried on through their home. Emma and Harry didn’t have a preconceived idea for the over-all paint palette, other than to keep most walls white so their collection of colourful furniture and curios could take centre stage. Although the odd piece finds it’s way home, from Go-Go, most items have been sourced over the years from various local digs like ‘Squarepeg Home’ (featured here Sept’12), Old values and Post Irving in east Freo, Ebay, Gumtree, and Auction houses. Although, Emma is quick to mention that this is still a work in progress and the hunt will always be on…”I don’t believe in grabbing any odd thing to cover the walls, I want to have a connection with items in the house, whether it’s something I’ve found locally, or something I’ve gathered on my travels.” It’s an honest home with plenty of character and lots to celebrate, it sucks you and makes you want to lounge on the sofa under that light-filled void, or float in the pool with a killer whale under the shade of the willowy gumtree….bring on Summer and vinos on the deck!

We’re looking forward to checking back in with these guys in a few months to see the result of all the hard work going on down in North Fremantle…it’s going to be something really special!


The teak outdoor setting comes apart in individual sections allowing a multitude of configurations. ‘Picnix’ teak table by Go-Go.


The original facade of the Art Deco house with new extension just peeking over the back.


‘Many’ hands make a creative space…

Today we bring you a little story about a place called ‘Many 6160′….love that name!…it is so perfectly apt. 

Many minds, many people, many ideas, many shops, many smiles….


‘Kate & Abel’ the people to solve all ‘bad hair days’…


The old Myer building as you’ve never seen it before…cool and vibrant…

Staring down the barrel, of what could have been labeled another ‘dead retail space’, a creative idea from Spacemarket and a very cooperative City of Fremantle, saved the heart of Freo’s retail hub from becoming a ghost town. The old Myer building, in the centre of Perth’s tourist capital, has become a space where creative people can develop, design or construct and sell their merchandise. All these energetic people working together and bouncing ideas off each other, with the one common goal in mind….and that is…’working to make Fremantle more vibrant’. Canary Home are quite excited to be able to bring you this sneak peek before the official launch on the 6th of June. Our lips are sealed as to what retailers are moving into ‘Many’ in the coming month…but trust us… it’s worth the wait! More details to come re: ‘Many 6160 Launch’ & ‘Canary Home‘ reader offers…spread the word.

K&A 2

An amazing array of hats at ‘Kate & Abel’, also favoured by Kylie Minogue. The type of cactus you can’t kill but can cuddle! 


A creative display from the team at ‘Common Ground’.

Lucky for ‘Many’, the very capable and creative husband and wife team from ‘Kate & Abel’ submitted an application to be involved. Kate and Matt had just returned to Perth after a long stint in the UK, and with plenty of retail and marketing experience under their swanky hats, they agreed to take on the management of ‘Many’. It wasn’t long before they had secured a swag of artists and quality retailers such as Antipodium, Ginger Morris, Knuckle Head Shipping Co. and Buratti Fine Art

Kate and Matt also run their own space ‘Kate & Abel ‘ along with a cafe at the back…beware…he makes a mean espresso that’ll keep you buzzing all day!

Kate is originally from Perth, and it was during a 13 year stint in the UK that she met Matt, a vibrant character who grew up in the hustle and bustle of London’s East. It was after a short trip back to Perth, several years ago, they noticed a niche in the market for unique, quality hats. The surf ware brands seemed to have a monopoly on the market…and that was all the inspiration they needed to get a little bit creative!

On their return they began selling their cool hats at the ‘Sunday Up Market’ in Bricklane, London. It wasn’t long before a the huge retail giants such as Top Shop, Anthropology and Harvey Nichols came knocking, and day jobs were a thing of the past! Hats off to them!!



Something for the blokes at ‘Knucklehead Shipping Co.’ The always popular artworks by Anya.


Urban cool by ‘Little Hell’ their timber crate fit-out…so clever!


As with all great things, it’s what goes on behind the curtain that is most intriguing!! So if you are feeling adventurous…take a peek behind the big red curtain in the centre of the building…yes, it may just be an old escalator that no longer runs by itself, but they are still stairs and you can walk up them. The second floor of the building has make way for an ecclectic mix of artits studios, sewing machine, furniture makers, sculptures, an table tennis table and lounge for those seeking inspiration??!

If you are keen to meet the people behind all that fabulous furniture on display at the front of ‘Many 6160′, or the clever cats turning old bikes into jewellery and light fittings, then grab Matt from behind the Espresso bar and ask for a quick tour….don’t be shy!

K&A 3

The boys from ‘D&W’ hard at work upstairs on a project for the State Library. Everyone takes responsibility for house keeping! The ‘oh so friendly’ management…Kate & Matt.


A beautifully handcrafted table tennis set up, for when you need some inspiration!…sponsored by Jamie Oliver??


Look up! The fabulous red tractor made from old foam matts.


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