Kristy & John from ‘Flannel’…


A photogenic facade in Deane St, Cottesloe.


Kristy on the upstairs ‘look-out’ deck. Favourite fedora with detail. The dining room looking out to front verandah.



The family all gather around this fabulous custom made bench that double as a work space & dining table.

Many of you may already be familiar with this home, either from numerous ‘Flannel’ fashion shoots that have taken place here, or as one of the most admired homes in the area. In a suburb that all too often reduces beautiful old character homes to dust, this is a rare and welcomed relief from the Tuscan Revivals and encroaching townhouses. Only metres from the sparkling Cottesloe reef, and tucked away behind towering Norfolk pines, this 1912 timber house has stood the test of time…. and it’s fair share of after seabrezes. When Kristy and John found this treasure, it was a maze of dark green rooms and kitchenettes. But with a shared passion for simplicity and clean design, they set about painting walls white, restoring detailed features, polishing floorboards and extending the front verandah. One of my favourite aspects is the kitchen at the front of the house, originally a formal sitting room, it is now the hub of the busy home and opens out onto the verandah. It takes a creative mind to go against the grain, and see the possibilities of switching the standard format. So much of this home is focused on the facade and the street front, with a welcoming deck that begs the neighbours to join in for an afternoon drink, or perhaps a game of bocce on the lawn?



Hallway detail restored and enhance by the simplicity of all white. A beautiful collection of pastel porcelain that is used every day. My favourite mid-century side table!!




The living room is a cosy nook of tan leather and soft velvet cushions, a look often found on the racks of ‘Flannel’.

So much of this home is a continuation of the ‘Flannel’ aesthetic, it’s feminine without being precious or high maintenance. The kitchen is practical, yet still feels like a living room, the dining room is intimate and relaxed with it’s pared back palette and the bedrooms are a sanctuary of individual personality and quirks.Kristy and John often take the family overseas for extended periods over summer, renting the house out to holiday makers…for me this would be the ultimate Cottesloe experience. A relaxed beachside home, with relief from the belting afternoon sun, and an easy bare-foot stroll to the ocean….brilliant!

This year, however, the adventure continues for the Lawrence family on a larger scale. There’s a move to Melbourne on the cards, followed by a stint in New York, as the ‘Flannel’ label storms the big cities. For all our Eastern State readers, you are probably already stalking the racks at the gorgeous Hawksburn store, and there are more stores to come, with locations to be announced very soon. What of the house?? I hear you all think! Well…if you love what you see, you now have the opportunity to purchase it, as it has just been listed for sale with Frank Torre…check it out here.


Silk slips, sun hats and sandals are all you ever need! Kristy had the doors dipped to strip back the layers of paint and expose the beautiful timber, a nice contrast to the all white scheme.




The rear courtyard is the perfect place to ‘hang around’, basket swing from ‘Blu Peter’ in Nth Fremantle. Bikini top on back door by ‘Flannel’.


UntitledShop x4a

The Cottesloe store in Napoleon Street. Kristy’s stores stock a range of pieces that compliment the ‘Flannel’ lifestyle, including jewellery, boots, ceramics, and candles.






Bridie and Grant’s inspired home…


ICON Architects were engaged to help them design the Moroccan inspired home.


Torquiose pool with inviting shady daybed. Bridie with the shaggy Beckett. The ‘worth the effort’ Jacaranda that was craned into position.



Polished concrete, rugs, cushions and rich colours…we’re not leaving!!

I’m usually pretty good at ruthless editing…but today I couldn’t bare to leave anything out! This is a family of serious collectors, every piece in this fascinating home has a story to tell …about passed memories and recent adventures. Bridie and Grant share their home with children Allegra, Tallulah, and Orson and not forgetting the attention seeking Irish Wolfhound ‘Beckett’!

It’s not always easy to get it right when you start building from a blank canvas, however, Bridie and Grant drew their inspiration from a honeymoon in Zanzibar. They knew exactly what they wanted and could not be swayed by anyone or any obstacle. The final result is a well proportioned family home, full of character and colour. From the intricate iron gates at the front, through to the arched breeze ways, Moroccan tiles, Persian rugs and Indian urns, you are drawn in and mesmerised by unusual objects and textiles. This was a photographers dream…complete rapture!! For similar textiles and rugs you could try ‘Shedwallah’ in Fremantle or ‘Nazmiyal Auctions’.

Bridie x4f

Years of collecting and crate-sending across the globe… make for an intriguing home.


Just part of the furniture…no one will notice if I don’t make eye contact?!



Kitchen details… pops of red and detailed patterns against the brilliant turquoise tiles.

Bridie x4i

The large open living area is separated from the bedroom wing by a cool breezeway, lined with arched windows and floor to ceiling white curtains. As Bridie explains…” in summer we leave these windows open and the afternoon sea breeze flows through, keeping the house cool.” Most of the doorways and gates were sourced from a neighbour that bought a container load back from demolition sites in Egypt. The timing was prefect, as they had just begun their project, and their architect knew better than to argue, but rather to find a way to make them fit!

The bedroom wing is a tranquil oasis with high ceilings and large double doors, almost monastic in a charming way. The long corridor beckons you, with its romantically billowing curtains and vintage afghan rugs disappearing to the far end of the house. The master bedroom is yet another mine field of eclectic treasures and textiles, yet the biggest treasure is the ‘Tadelakt’ inspired ensuite. It took 2 solid weeks for the tradesmen to run olive soap into the walls to create a lime plaster finish, which is a traditional coating in Moroccan palaces. Now to fill the bath with butter milk and soak like a real princess…yes please!!

Bridie and Grant’s love of collecting and treasure hunting has certainly been passed on to their children .We were absolutely beside ourselves when we found this amazing collection of skulls, shells, feathers and nests, in 12 year old Allegra’s bedroom. She certainly has a great ability for seeing beauty amongst decay, and what she has curated herself is quite stunning. It is her dream to learn taxidermy, and so on a recent trip to Paris, her parents took her to visit the famous Taxidermy museum ‘Deyrolle’. I see another Julia de Ville on the horizon?!




Not afraid of colour or pattern, Bridie has embraced the textiles of many different cultures.

Bridie x4c

The charming facade with it’s unique iron gates and brilliant agaves.


What’s on the Horizon for 2015??


Colour & pattern contrasts…

Take your cue from modern art, the runway and resources like Pinterest and Est Magazine.

Mix it up, be daring and revel in bold colour combinations.

Screenshot 2014-09-26 14.36.35

‘Devils in Exile’ by David Griggs at ‘Station Gallery’ 9 Ellis Street, South Yarra

Blog c

An infinite resource of style…check out online publication ‘Est Magazine’. Images taken from their featured homes.

Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.23.18

Blog d

Inspiration comes from all areas…grab it where you can and re-invent to suit your space. Artwork by James Crombie.


A bolt of tribal colour …

Cobalt blue makes a stand alongside arid greens, and a strong influence from tribal textiles.

Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.20.22

Stunning rug by Amandine at ‘Halcyon Lake’, Church Street, Richmond.


Colourful Tribal Baskets from ‘Ginger Morris’, South terrace, Fremantle.


Screenshot 2014-09-25 20.11.48

Blog e

Monochromatic tribal images, and rugs with strong colours and patterns.

‘Untitled’, charcoal and archival glue on canvas by Daniel Boyd, now on show at Station Gallery.



The monochromatic anchor…

The always stylish ‘black and white’ make the perfect foundation for a bold and creative interior.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.38.38 am

Monochromatic geometrics are back. Use it as your base and get loose with textiles and objects.

Untitled copy

Screenshot 2014-09-26 13.22.10


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